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    Address: 186 Hampshire Street, Suite 3D, Cambridge, MA 02139

    Phone or Text: 617-794-6264


    After 12 years in Harvard Square, Harvard Square Shiatsu moved to nearby Inman Square. An advantage to the new location is there is ample meter parking just outside the office on Hampshire Street.  Also the new location has more of a homey house vibe than the former corporate-type building.



    Shiatsu is a touch therapy from Japan. It is effective for treating both stress and pain. Receiving regular shiatsu sessions help keep you healthy. Schedule an appointment today!


    Qigong focuses on aligning posture, breathe and mindful movements for the purpose of enhancing energy, health and happiness. Everyone can benefit from qigong exercises. Zoom and in-person lessons are available.

    Move n' Flow

    Discover optimal performance, focus and flow in your Life. Learn the principles of Move n’ Flow and apply them to Tennis, Argentine Tango or everyday life activities. Schedule a lesson and enjoy the benefits of Move n’ Flow.

    What is shiatsu?

    Shiatsu is from Japan and means “finger pressure. It is often described as “acupuncture without needles”. Originating in Japan though now practiced worldwide, shiatsu has gained recognition as an effective bodywork/energy therapy to restore and maintain health.

    It is beneficial to receive a shiatsu under many circumstances. Whether you need to de-stress, have generalized or specific pain, are experiencing low energy, want to feel more connected to your body, are rehabilitating from an injury or would like to use shiatsu preventatively as a means of staying healthy.

    Massage focuses on relaxing muscles and venous return of blood to the heart. While shiatsu can also do these things it can do much more. Shiatsu focuses on the meridian health, the energy pathway system of the body, much like acupuncture does. By using pressure on acupressure points instead of needles it promotes the circulation of chi or life energy of the body. In this process muscles, connective tissues, and joints relax and expand slightly allowing for more blood and energy movement, vital for nourishing the organ systems (heart, liver, lungs, Intestines, stomach, spleen, bladder and kidneys) as well as detoxifying the body at the cellular level. Shiatsu also differs from massage in that you remain clothed and no oils or lotions are necessary in the session.

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